The 10th Annual Sergeant Nutter 5K Run

May 10th 2014



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The Sergeant Nutter 5K Run


In one month’s time, the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt, NJ will host the 10th Annual Sergeant Nutter 5K Run. This event is operated by the Sergeant Samuel Nutter Organization (SSNO) in memory of the late SGT Samuel Nutter to benefit the men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States; these guardians who voluntarily serve the People of the United States represent less than 1% of the US population. Within this distinguished group of men and women, there are veterans who have suffered both hardships and personal loss as a result of their willingness to risk their lives to safeguard our liberties and to defend the vital interests of the United States. With more than a decade of war since the infamous September 11th Attacks, we at the SSNO are asking the remaining 99% of the US population to come to the aid of our veterans to defend them from the ravages of war, lest our dead will have died in vain.

On Saturday, 10 May 2014, we welcome all Americans, especially the residents of New Jersey, to support our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen by participating in the 10th Annual Sergeant Nutter 5K Run. In fact, both of this year’s beneficiaries are residents of the State of New Jersey.

While SGT Raymond Royce of the 508th Military Police Company out of Teaneck, NJ was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, he lost most of his personal property during New Jersey’s worst natural disaster, Super Storm Sandy. Also while on deployment, SGT Royce was notified that one of his daughters required a life saving surgery to combat the MRSA she contracted. Though SGT Royce was given the opportunity to return home to the remnants of his home and to be at his daughter’s side while she recovered,

SGT Royce placed the needs of many before his own and remained committed to his unit’s mission. The SSNO seeks to alleviate SGT Royce of the cost of having to rebuild from the storm and to alleviate the cost of his daughter’s medical expenses in honor of his selfless service to the United States.

While on patrol in Afghanistan on 08 February 2014, SGT Aaron Alonso of the 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment, and resident of Jefferson, NJ, triggered an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), suffering from massive trauma which required the amputation of both of his legs. Miraculously, SGT Alonso survived the attack. Since that terrible day for SGT Alonso and his family, scores of New Jersey residents have been organizing to support this Marine, remembering that we never leave a fallen comrade. The SSNO seeks to contribute the largest portion of this year’s proceeds to SGT Alonso and his family in honor of his personal courage and in honor of his family’s bravery for supporting SGT Alonso during the most difficult fight of his life.

On behalf of the Sergeant Samuel Nutter Organization, I implore you to consider taking action to support this Soldier and this Marine, during a time when they both need the support of our communities the most. You may choose to run in this year’s race, you may choose to donate any amount of your personal wealth, or you may choose to volunteer to help this year’s race operations. Whatever you choose to do, please choose to take action in honor of SGT Royce’s selfless service, in honor of SGT Alonso’s personal courage, and in memory of SGT Nutter’s legacy, during this year’s 10th Annual Sergeant Nutter 5K Run.

Very Respectfully,

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This Year's Run

The 10th Annual SGT Nutter Run Memorial 5K Run, presented by the New Jersey Army National Guard Officer Candidate School will be held on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 in memory of SGT Sam Nutter (January 28, 1966 - January 2, 2005). All proceeds raised are donated to New Jersey Army National Guard families in need.


Guard Training Center (Sea Girt)
Camp Drive and Sea Girt Ave, Sea Girt, NJ 08750

Registration 8:30 a.m.
Race Begins 10:30 a.m.

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Officer Candidate School

"A good leader must sometimes be stubborn. Armed with the courage of his convictions, he must often fight to defend them. When he has come to a decision after thorough analysis - and when he is sure he is right - he must stick to it, even to the point of stubbornness."


Officer Candidate School (OCS) is an intense leadership training ground. It is physically and mentally challenging, and not everyone is cut out for it. But those who are accepted, and make it through, agree it is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. It takes a special person with special abilities. One who is mentally and physically prepared to face the constant challenge of command. Whether they are a first-time Soldier or have prior military experience. OCS transforms Soldiers into an effective leader.

SGT Samuel Nutter

SGT Samuel Nutter


Sergeant Samuel Nutter was born in Fort Thomas, Kentucky on January 28, 1966. SGT Nutter was raised in Kentucky and later moved to New Jersey where he attending high school. SGT Nutter enjoyed all sports, participating in martial arts, football and track and field. SGT Nutter lettered in several sports while attending Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, NJ. After 4 successful footbal seasons as a running back at Ridge High, SGT Nutter was accepted to the US Military Academy at West Point on football scholarship. He reported to football camp his freshman year, but after sustaining a foot injury, he decided to leave West Point Military Academy. However, he continued his education at the University of Miami, Ohio, receiving his bachelor's degree in business in 1988.

After graduating from Miami of Ohio, SGT Nutter entered the Navy and served as a demolition expert and a diver in the Explosive Ordinance Detonate (EOD) unit, attached to a Navy SEAL team. SGT Nutter attended and excelled in some of the most difficult schools the US Military offers, graduating from: EOD Apprentice Diver School, Scuba Diver School, Operations and Specialist "A" School. SGT Nutter possessed a skill set that was highly desired after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He was activated to serve from the Naval Reserve and assigned to a SEAL team for two weeks. SGT Nutter's awards include: Meritorious Service Medal, Battle Commendation and National Defense Service Medal.

SGT Nutter's call up for Naval duty after 9/11 and his love for the military prompted his decision to reenter the service as an Officer Candidate enlistment option and he was assigned to the Officer Candidate School at the 254th Regiment in Sea Girt, NJ. During SGT Nutter's enrollment in the OCS program, he was informed of his terminal illness. After being informed of his illness, SGT Nutter decided to not give and stuck with the program.

SGT Nutter will always be remebered as being head and shoulders above the rest of his fellow officer candidates and was always the first one to lend a helping hand. Unfortunately, SGT Nutter passed away before finishing the program. SGT Nutter left behind a wife and three children and touched the lives of many. He was a humble man that served his country and will always be remembered by the Officer Candidate Program of New Jersey and his name lives on through this nonprofit organization.